Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Nella Milano review - Sizzling Sienna

Wednesday already! Yesterday I did nothing at all so it seemed to go by in a flash! I downloaded loads of comedy stuff off of Sky's boxsets and BBC iPlayer and just watched TV, it was great! I watched a new Peter Kay comedy called Car Share which (I think) starts tonight but the BBC very kindly put it all on iPlayer before so I was awake all night watching it, it's so funny! I also watched some Cougar Town, Bad teacher and Trying again! If you have any recommendations for what I can watch next, let me know in the comments :)

Onto the polish! Today I have a Nella Milano polish to show you called 'Sizzling Sienna'. This is a gorgeous dusty pink toned neutral polish and it's perfect for office appropriate manis and going out! It looks classic and pretty alone and is also a lovely base for some nail art or glitter. even better than that though... you can get this polish 50% off in Nella Milano's shop at the moment!

To do this mani I used one coat of base coat, two colour coats and one coat of top coat.

Nella polishes have a great formula and a nice brush so they apply really well and dry to a smooth, shiny finish. They're also really well pigmented so if you're a stamper, I'd definitely try them out for that. Some of the shades should definitely work well, I'll give them a try soon!

This photo show my mani with no clean up, so you can see how well the brush works!

I couldn't decide what nail art to do over this shade, I didn't want to cover up too much of it with glitter or stamping but I knew the prettiness of it would make nail art really stand out, so i decided on studs and pearls and a bow!

To do this I worked one nail at a time and applied top coat, I then used either a wax pencil or tweezers, depending on the size of the embellishment to apply them.

I applied black studs in a random pattern on my pinky nail. I applied two lines of pearls meeting at the top of the nail to my ring finger nail. I applied a black and white polka dot bow to my middle finger nail and a gold heart stud to my index finger nail.

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Tara x


  1. Those embellishments are so cute!

    1. Thank you :) I think the heart is my favourite!


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