Thursday, 23 April 2015

Simpsons nail art!

Hi! I'm so bored being stuck in the house with my bad eye, I'm contemplating a bedazzled patch! I hope you're having a nice week and if you happen across holo'd and diamante'd eye patches give me a shout ;)

Today I've got some Simpsons nail art to show you! Here's what I used;

Mint London - coco banana, cirque le soir and dogtown 
Rimmel - bare necessities 
Barry m - blue grape
George at ASDA - matte top coat 
Unbranded pink
Nail striper
Dotting tool
Simpsons stickers - Marge and Homer features

I used three coats of this bright yellow Mint London polish as a base. I then applied the Marge and Homer stickers to my middle and ring finger nails. Using a striper and a black Mint London polish, I roughly drew on Homer's 'Hair' and using a dotting tool and Barry M in 'blue grape' I dotted on marge's hair.

Using a dotting tool and a nude Rimmel polish I dotted on some doughnuts on my index finger nail. When that was dry I dotted on some pink polish over the top leaving the nude polish peeking out the edges. I left that to dry and then dotted on some tiny white dots as sprinkles.

I then used a striper and black polish to write 'Doh!' on my pinkie finger nail. I wrote that for two reasons, one; it's Homer's catchphrase and two; I knew my writing would be a bit of a fail ;) I'm pretty happy with it though!

I finished off with the George at ASDA matte top coat which is about £2 and is my favourite!

Tara x

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