Friday, 3 April 2015

UK indie nail polish week! CM handmade UK review

Hi! Friday is everyone's favourite thing and as the UK's first established handmade UK indie nail polish brand UK indie polish is my favourite thing so I decided to start my second UK indie polish week today! 

I have NINE amazing brands to show you this time around! The first one is the amazing CM handmade UK which is a fairly new brand to the UK indie scene having opened their Etsy shop in march this year but they've hit us with a bang with fantastic polishes and also bath products and candles! 

I was sent six polishes to try and I loved them all. They came well packaged, in cute bottles and applied well, what's not to love! Also one of the unique thing about this brand is that the two sisters who run it let their kids name their polishes so they all have fab names!

On to the polish..... The first one I tried is 'Spearmint' which is a beautiful.....erm.....spearmint colour with TONS of holo sparkle! I love it!

For this mani I used three thin coats of polish.

This polish applied really nicely, there's so much glitter but it hasn't made the polish thick at all so it's fab to work with and dries nicely too.

The second polish I tried is a yellow which is so shiny and shimmery. This is perfect for Easter chick nail art! 

I can't show the shimmer off as well as I want too but trust me, it's stunning! 

For this mani I used two coats of polish.

The third polish is my favourite of all the ones I was sent. It's a rich plum colour, so classic and wearable but with a blue/purple reflective shimmer running through it that catches the light and adds something special.

This polish applies so nicely, it's a great consistency.

For this mani I used two coats of polish.

The fourth polish is 'Ariel'. There are no words to tell you how pretty this is! Honestly it's so beautiful! it's a lovely red with a ship load (that's my sea related joke ;)) of red and gold holo sparkle! The kids definitely hit the nail on the head with this name!

Throwing a holo twist into a red classic makes a fab polish and the fact that the twist is gold makes it even better!

This is two coats of polish.

Next up is 'Mermaid'. Again a great name for this polish! Greeny/blue with green and gold glitter, it's just beautiful!

I used two coats of polish for this mani.

Last but certainly not least is 'The purple sparkly one' and what else would you call it! It's a really rich purple shade with purple and fuchsia glitter!

I was so impressed with the formula of this, it's packed with glitter but still a lovely, fluid consistency.

I used two coats of this polish.

Check out CM handmade UK on Instagram and on Etsy to see all their creations!

Tara x

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