Saturday, 4 April 2015

UK indie nail polish week! Flash nails review

Hi! I hope you have a fun Saturday planned! I'm going to catch up on some work because with Easter Shaun is having a lot of time off work so we've been going out and I haven't had time to do much so have a fun Saturday on my behalf ;D

Today's UK indie I'm featuring is Flash Nails UK. This is a brand that I've wanted to try for a while but when a new holo collection was released with a GREY HOLO! I knew I had to have it! As well as that one, I'm going to show you another fab grey, this one with glitter!

This is 'Tropical storm' a beautiful light grey cruelly with orange, green and purple matte glitter in different shapes and sizes.

This polish is fantastic! I used three coats and they dried really quickly! It's also a great formula to work with so there's not much clean up needed.

My photos of this are a little weird, I'm not sure why but I will have my new lighting set up going soon, so I will use this again and show you it in better light! it's actually a little darker than it's showing here.

And now on to 'Grey matter' the grey holo! GREY HOLO! I love grey, you may have noticed....

I don't want to say much cos I don't want to distract you from the beauty of it but the formula is fab! Just two coats for an opaque finish!

I also did a quick video and posted it on my Instagram and Facebook pages so you can see the holo in motion!

You can buy from Flash Nails UK on their website and keep up to date with all their new collections and news on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Tara x


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