Sunday, 5 April 2015

UK indie nail polish week! Little lost ones review

Hi! I hope you're having a fab weekend! Mine has been busy and tiring but today is the day of relaxation! 

Today's UK indie nail polish brand I'm going to show you is Little Lost Ones. Shaun bought me four of the five Aladdin collection polishes for my birthday (I chose them, don't give him too many brownie points ;)). These polishes are amazing! I love Aladdin so when I saw this collection, I knew I had to have them! 

First up is this pretty raspberry colour with lovely holo-ness! It's called 'Cave of wonders' and it's gorgeous!

The formula of this is great, it applies easily and is opaque in just two coats!

This polish also dries really quickly which I was very happy about as it's my favourite one from the collection so I'll be using it lots!

Here's a close up so you can see the sparkle!

The next one in this collection that I tried is 'Friend like me'. It's a stunning blue with a fab glassy finish so you can see all the glitters squished in there!

This one also has a fab formula and took two coats for me to get this finish.

I think this one is so pretty and as the glitters are small and the formula is great, it dries smooth so you can stamp over it which will look amazing!

The third one I tried is 'Diamond in the rough', a really deep emerald green. This is such a classic colour but look at that sparkle!

I used two coats of this polish as well and it was perfectly opaque.

Here's a close up so you can see the sparkle!

Last to show you is 'Magic carpet ride' which is indescribably beautiful! It's a rich purple with different coloured fine glitter and shimmer. So pretty!

This one I used two coats again and it was opaque but I think next time I'll use three just to really pack on the amazing glitter!

Here's a close up!

Tara x

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