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UK indie polish week! Frightfully spectacular review

Morning! Monday again! I hope you week gets off to a fab start! I'm going to spend today doing my nails, catching up on last weeks soaps and possibly writing.

Today's brand for UK indie week is Frightfully Spectacular (and it is!). Here's what Lolly had to say about her brand and all the exciting things happening with her...

Hi, I'm Lolly, creator of Frightfully Spectacular Nail Polish. I love making new and interesting colours, glitters, flakies, and all the other fun things that can be worn on nails! I'm a fully qualified nail tech who has taken the step from using nail polish to creating it!

All of my polishes are made with 5 free base, and only cosmetic grade, solvent resistant ingredients go into the mix. I source as much as I can from within the UK, and make 100% sure that nothing is ever tested on, or made from animals. 

You can find UK Made Frightfully Spectacular on Facebook at, and Shopsie is where you'll find the shop: Shopsie is home to not just my nail polishes, but a host of other nail art supplies too, with more added weekly. There are two Pinterest boards; one for Frightfully Spectacular, and another for Frightfully Spectacular fans to pin their own manicures to show off! 

Frightfully Spectacular's Pinterest:
Frightfully Spectacular's board:
Frightfully Spectacular's Nail Art board:

Also on Instagram (@frightfullyspectacular), Tumblr (frightfullyspectacular), and Etsy (, though the shop really needs an overhaul. I have a blog in the pipeline, and am in the process of organising a monthly Frightfully Spectacular Nail Art Club, with exlusive nail polishes and discount vouchers alongside nail advice and tutorials. I'm planning also a YouTube channel, once the camera stand turns up, and currently host Nail Polish Parties in and around the Sittingbourne, Kent area.

There is a possibility of a bricks-and-mortar shop being set up too, where I'll be able to offer courses in Franken Polish, alongside lots of other non-nail-related crafts. 

A quick word about the wonderful world of Shopsie:

Buy & sell unique items sourced, pre-loved, upcycled or handmade in the UK, with love.

UK marketplace for buyers, sellers, lovers and crafters of the unique, handmade, quirky, loved, pre-loved, upcycled & new. Offering friendly & helpful brand building, SEO, social media marketing & design advice. Buy awesome products handmade, found & sold by awesome people.


The polish I tried is called 'Shiny disco balls' and it's a gorgeous blend of silver glitters in different shapes and sizes including holo glitters! I honestly think everyone should own this polish, it will give such a stunning finish to every mani, no matter what brand or colour but I couldn't capture it properly because of a combination of rubbish lighting, bad photography skills and holo polish! As soon as I have my lighting properly set up, I'll do a post using this polish again and probably some videos which I'll post on my social media

I've taken photos of it over both a light peachy pink base colour and a deeper purple colour so I'll show you the purple ones first.

The formula of this is incredible! I only had to use ONE COAT to get this amazing finish but it wasn't thick at all! it applied so fluidly and left so much glitter on my nail! it really is frightfully spectacular!

Here's a close up of it so you can see the different sizes and shapes!

Here is one coat over the peachy pink colour so you can see how it looks over lighter shades.

Using it for a second time, the application was just as amazing. Again, I only used one coat.

I tried to take quite a few photos moving closer to and further away from my lights to try and show it off as completely as I can!

Here's one last shot before a fab close up!

Quickly check out this close up and then stop hanging around here and go here to buy this polish ;) I took this one super close just so you can see the colours the holo reflects as the light hits it and how pretty it is!

Tara x

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