Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wizard of Oz nail art featuring Illamasqua, W7, Vivien Kondor, Models own and more!

Hi! Today I have a super busy day so I probably won't be blogging tomorrow so today's post is going to be extra long rather than split into two posts like I had originally planned! Also I changed my blog so you see the web version on mobile devices so you can see everything, let me know what you think and I'll decide whether to keep it like that or put it back to mobile view! 

Today's post features loads of polishes but the main ones are Illamasqua 'Throb', W7 'Orange crush' from their jelly bean range', Red glitter from Vivien Kondor London (only £1.49 at the moment here' and 'gold' chrome from models own

I also used; a mustard yellow (Hampstead gardens by nails inc) and a neon yellow (W7 neon yellow) mixed together, a darker mustard yellow (Chic fox by L'oreal), 'Dolly mixture' from Barry M, a red glitter polish (Ruby pumps by China glaze), an opaque gun metal  (from OPI with no name on it), a bronze with other colours reflecting through it (Firefly by Sally Hansen), dark golden yellow flock and some nail art brushes!

First I used one coat of Illamasqua in 'Throb. It's super opaque! It also applies really well, this is my new favourite red!

I then used one coat of this sparkly red from Vivien Kondor London. There's a video of this on my Instagram and Facebook pages so you can see the sparkle!

Over that I then used one coat of 'Orange crush' by W7, which is from their jelly bean range. It's sheer so it works great for glitter jelly sandwich manis and it gives a lovely glossy finish. It also smells like orange sherbet!

I finished that off with one coat of Duri rejuvacote (which I also used as a base). It made me think of ruby shoes so I did Wizard of Oz nail art!

I mixed a mustard yellow and neon yellow together and used a liner brush to paint the yellow brick road across all the nails. I then used the darker mustard colour to shade in some bricks.

On the index nail I applied the dark golden yellow flock to represent the lion.

On the middle nail I used the models own gold chrome polish and a dotting tool to write Oz on the nail. I then used ruby pumps by China glaze to for in the middle of the 'O' to make it more sparkly.

On the ring finger I used the opaque gun metal silver polish on the corners of the nail. I then applied a little of the brolly/reflective polish to the edges using my finger tip to make it look a little tarnished/ rusted to represent the tin man.

On the pinky finger I did the most time consuming thing because I didn't have any gold flitter bar glitters, I poured a little Barry M 'Dolly mixture' out into my palette and used a very pointy dotting tool to pick out the yellow ones and apply them to my nail which hopefully looks like straw to represent the scarecrow.

I took some practise photos of this, then I moved my lighting to take the real ones but I smudged three nails so I'm really sorry you have to put up with some sub-standard photos of this. I can assure you it looked great in real life ;)

Here's one where you can see my brick shading a little better.

I finished this off with another coat of Duri to seal all of the nail art. I didn't top coat over the flock though as it would flatten it and potentially create bald patches. I just top coated around that.

Tara x

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