Sunday, 3 May 2015

Jessica nail polish 'Coquette' and ?

Hi :D Today I have a test for you! I bought two Jessica polishes for my birthday and one is called 'Coquette', the other one, however, has lost it's label. So the test question my polish! I've looked on the website and I can't find it! Help!

The 'Coquette polish is so beautiful! It's a pearly grey with gorgeous shimmeryness all through it and a pink reflective quality. The mystery polish is a dark grey with teeny silver glitter. Both have a fab brush and a great formula. I definitely want more of these polishes!

To do this mani I used a base coat of Duri, two colour coats of each polish and one top coat of Duri. If you have a favourite Jessica polish let me know in the comments so I can start my wish list!

Tara x

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