Thursday, 28 May 2015

Models own 'Polish for and' collection review - 'Sarong wrap' 'Beach hut' 'Cocktail hour'

Hi! Today I'm going shopping and doing online shopping so just a quick post for today! I'm going to show you three of the new models own 'Polish for tans' polishes. I love models own and they're definitely one of my favourite brands so I had to get these!

I used; Sarong wrap, Beach hut and Cocktail hour for this mani.

To do this mani I used the yellow, then the pink then the orange in an alternating pattern. with one coat of base coat and top coat.

The brushes in models own polishes are great, they don't moult and they're a great size for my nails. The actual polish is great too, the right consistency, it dries quickly and it lasts well. To do this mani I used three thin coats of each polish. The reason I used three coats is because the yellow was slightly streaky with two and I had VNL on the pink with two but three was perfect. You could probably get away with one or two coats if you use a white base coat or if you have short nails or don't mind having VNL.

I took a couple of photos outside in late evening sunshine with no extra lighting or flash so you can see how bright they are!

The pinky one is my favourite but they're all amazing! I have the rest of the collection too, so I'll show you those soon!

Tara x


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