Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mrs Cross Nail Shop 'Intense romantic' and roses nail art!

Hi! Today I have a very romantic mani to show you! Last week I showed you the new 'How romantic' collection from Mrs Cross Nail Shop (you can see the full review here) and today I have one of the polishes with red rose nail art!

To do this mani I used three coats of 'Intense romantic' on all my nails except my ring finger. On that nail I did some reverse stamping to create the red rose nail art!

To do the reverse stamping I used; a stamping plate with a rose design, stamper, scraper, black polish, silvery grey polish, red polish and clear polish and some tweezers. I also used a slanted eyeliner brush and some acetone. Here's the steps I followed;

Use the stamper to pick up the image from the plate
Keep the image on the stamper and paint the roses red
When dry use 2-3 coats of a base colour to paint over the whole image, I used silvery grey
When that's dry use 2 coats of clear over the whole image and leave to dry
Pick up the image from the stamper with tweezers and lay it over the nail
Use the clean up brush and acetone to remove the excess
Top coat the image

And here is the finished design! This is base coat, two colour coats and top coat on three nails and base coat, the reverse stamped image and top coat on my ring finger nail.

You can find MCNS at the following places;

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If you have any reverse stamping tips or want to share your reverse stamping blog posts, leave them in the comments :)

Tara x

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