Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Mrs Cross Nail Shop review - 'How Romantic' collection

Hi! Since my last post, I got new makeup storage, got dispatch notices for some new polishes I'll be showing you soon and best of all... I got sent Mrs Cross Nail Shop's new collection 'How romantic' which is being released in her Etsy shop TODAY!

Leanne, who is the face of Mrs Cross Nail Shop, said 'This collection is called 'How romantic' and there are five colours, they represent five different kinds of romantic traits'. And here they are... Aren't they stunning! From left to right we have; gilded romantic, blossoming romantic, blushing romantic, ethereal romantic and intense romantic.

I really wanted to show you how amazing these polishes are so this post is pretty photo heavy! Because of that, I'll talk about the polishes here before I show you them! First of all, the colours are so pretty! They'll work perfectly together if you want to do a skittles mani, they're a great base for nail art and they look great worn alone! They're work appropriate, party appropriate and definitely appropriate for any season! 

The polishes are packaged really well, the bottles are lovely, the labels are cute and the brushes are really easy to work with. Most importantly, the formulas are fantastic! They apply really well, need very little clean up and dry quite fast too. 

For all of these manis I used three thin coats with no base coat and one coat of top coat. I have also shown four of the polishes over black and those manis show one thin coat over black with one coat of top coat and no base coat.

Now onto the polishes! First up is 'Blossoming romantic'. It's a gorgeous pearly pink polish with amazing shimmer. It looks like fairy pearls!


Next up is 'Blushing romantic'. A sophisticated and pretty pinky nude with so much gold sparkle it looks really special while still being a work appropriate neutral.

This polish is 'Ethereal romantic' and it's a stunning pearly lilac with hidden depths...holo shimmer! Amazing! It's not a flashy holo but it gives it extra sparkle and when the light hits... so pretty!

This one is called 'Intense romantic' and it's a gorgeous deep, pinky red which has a fab reflective quality so you see other beautiful colours as the light hits it. 

And last, but not least, no collection is complete without a stunning glitter polish and this one is definitely stunning! It's called 'Gilded romantic' and it's a gorgeous sheer gold with tons of gold glitter It's the perfect compliment to the collection!

And finally, I swatched four of these over black. From index finger to pinkie I used; gilded romantic, intense romantic, blossoming romantic and ethereal romantic. The black really shows off the sparkle in the polishes and shows the amazing gold glitter can also be used as a top coat!

You can find MCNS at the following places;

Instagram: @MrsCross.NailShop #MrsCrossNailShop #handmadebyMrsCrossNailShop

I can't wait to see your manis using these pretty polishes!

Tara x


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