Thursday, 4 June 2015

Apharsec nail art stamps review

Hi! I've been so busy this week but I have tons of new stuff coming soon to show you! Today I have my first post about a really interesting new product by Apharsec. This post is pretty photo heavy because I'm showing you all the packaging, steps and practise manis and I have more posts using this coming soon too! 

Apahrsec have created some fab nail art stamps but they're different from what we're used to. These are stamps, scrapers and plates all in one! this is how they come packaged.

And this is what the stamps look like.

To use these you apply the polish to the stamp over the deign you want to use.

You then scrape the stamp onto paper to remover the excess.

This is how my paper looked at the end of my practise manis!

You then press the stamp straight down onto the nail rather than rolling like you would with the tradition kind of nail art stamping. Here's my first ever try including the top coat smudged one!

Next I tried out the French manicure tips stamp to see how a larger design comes out.

This was my first proper mani after my two practise ones.

For this mani I tried the toothpick trick which allows you to stamp two colours. To do this you apply the polish to the stamp and scrape off the excess, you then use a toothpick to remove polish from some parts of the design. Then you apply a different colour of polish to the stamp and scrape off the excess. Then press the stamp down onto the nail.

This is my favourite mani!

Aren't the designs so cute!

Like I said, I'll be back soon with more manis using these stamps because I love them! they're so easy to use! In the meantime you can visit to find out more about this brand and buy their products. you can also find their Facebook page here.

Tara x

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