Friday, 26 June 2015

Nella milano 'Summersby - Pretty in pastel mani

Morning :) I'm writing this while I wait for my polish to dry! 

Today I have a mani to show you using Nella Milano polish in 'Summersby', some matte glitter dots, gold glitter polish, acrylic paint and a pretty pearl embellishment!

To do this I painted all my nails with two coats of 'Summersby'. I then used a nail art brush and some blue acrylic paint to 'dry brush' some colour over my pinkie nail. On my ring finger nail I applied a gold edged pearl embellishment, on my middle nail I used a striper brush, some acrylic paints and some gold glitter polish to paint vertical stripes along the tip of the nail and on my index finger nail I applied some matte glitter dots in a pattern from the
tip of the nail.

I finished the design with top coat to seal the glitter and make the acrylic paint glossy.

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Tara x


  1. Love this soft shade. Your nailart is complimenting to it. :-)

  2. So beautiful! I love the "waterfall" nail :)

    1. Thank you :) i see it everywhere but I haven't properly tried it before, I really like it :)

  3. Love this colour and also the different designs on each finger


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