Saturday, 20 June 2015

Recent manis Anna Sui nude and white glitter and Leopard mani using Orly and Claire's Accessories polishes

Hi! I've been working on some nail art posts so I'll have some (hopefully) pretty stuff to show you soon! Today I'm going to spend some time writing and doing my nails, I hope you have a fun day too :) 

Today I'm just going to quickly show you two of my recent manis, one is fab and one is not so fab :( 

First up is an Anna Sui polish. I used to use Anna Sui perfume all the time and I've wanted some AS polishes for YEARS! I recently got some vouchers for ASOS and decided to use them to get two AS polishes which are £12.50 each on their website. 

My favourite of the two I got was this pretty nude with white glitters. My first impressions were that the polish was very watery and didn't have much glitter in it, it also smelt horrible. I applied three coats but still had VNL! I also had to 'pat' the polish on rather than 'stroke' it on so that there was some glitter on each nail. On the nails I applied the polish normally I only had 1-3 pieces of glitter per nail! 

Overall I'm really disappointed in this polish, it's £12.50, it has a fab bottle, the colours are great, the consistency is horrible, it smells bad, there isn't enough glitter and the dry time is worryingly long for such a thin polish!

My second mani was much better! I used a pink neon Orly polish which is super pretty, applies well and dries quickly and over that I put a leopard print and iridescent flake top coat from Claire's Accessories which surprised me with how good it was! I was apprehensive when I applied it as it was quite thick but it dried so fast! One coat gave a good coverage of flakes and I 'fished' a little for the leopard glitter and placed it on the nails.

Tara x

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