Sunday, 28 June 2015

UK indie nail polish month - CM Handmade 'Plum sauce' and 'Puddleduck' Daisy Duck mani!

Happy Sunday! I hope you're enjoying your weekend! Ive spent mine doing my nails, cleaning carpets and watching the Office. Guess which one of the three I enjoyed the least...

Today I'm going to continue UK inside nail polish month which will probably be extended into two months because I have so much pretty to show you! Todays mani has been done using polishes from CM Handmade UK and nail art from Charlie's Nail Art.

I used 'Puddleduck' and 'Plum sauce' for this mani because I wanted some polishes with duck themed names ;) Plum sauce is the most beautiful, sparkly, special polish. you'll love it if you own it! I used that on my ring finger and 'Puddleduck' on the rest of my nails. 

On my ring finger I applied some 'Daisy Duck' bows and on my other nails I used various daisy duck stickers. I then used 'Plum sauce' and a thin brush to write 'Quack' (badly) on my middle nail just above Daisy.

Tara x

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