Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Native War Paints 'Confetti cannon'

Happy July! To celebrate a new month I'm going to show you a polish that is like a party on your nails! 'Confetti cannon' from Native War paints

I bought the white crelly version of this polish but you can also get it as a glitter topper! It's amazing! I'm not even going to try and put every glitter that's in this polish, it's crazy! The formula is great though, no fishing for glitters but it's not too thick and it dries nicely too. The glitter smoothed out with one coat of top coat.

Tara x


  1. You said it right, it really looks like your nails are having fun and they are enjoying party! (lol)'s beautiful.

  2. I love a good, neon glitter! Very fun and pretty :)


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