Friday, 17 July 2015

Red, black, white and silver polka dot mani using Flash Nails, Wah London, Vivien Kondor, Pretty and Models own polishes!

Hi! I've been so busy the last few days, I have my little sisters staying with me because they're helping me label 2000 polishes! I've also been sorting out my nail polish collection and trying to catch up on some photos editing to show you some new stuff soon!

Today I'm going to show you a mani which I used lots of nail polishes to do so I'll just quickly list them all here.

Base coat - Vivien Kondor London
Top coat - Models own matte top coat

Index finger;
Base -  Wah Nails London 'Red'
Spots - Vivien Kondor London 'White', Models own 'Matt black' and Pretty 'Silver'

Middle finger;
Base - Vivien Kondor London 'Sparkly red'
Spots - Models own 'Matt Black

Ring finger;
Base - Flash Nails 'Grey matter'
Spots - Pretty 'Silver', Vivien Kondor London 'White', Wah Nails London 'Red'

Pinkie finger;
Base - Models own 'Matt black'
Spots - Pretty 'Silver'

This mani used lots of different polishes but I love it! It's the first time I've used Wah London polishes  and I was really impressed! This red applied really well, built to opacity in two coats and dried quickly to a lovely shine. I definitely want to add some more of these to my collection!

To do these dots I used some dotting tools that I found in Poundland which come in a pack of about five and are all different sizes, they work really well and make it really easy to do designs with different sized dots.

Tara x

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