Thursday, 2 July 2015

UK indie nail polish month - Enigma 'Passion pink' Mrs Cross Nail Shop 'Ethereal romantic', 'Blossoming romantic' and 'Gilded romantic'

Hi! Yesterday I spent most of the day reading and playing Playstation games so I'm not doing too well on the writing front so far this month! I hope you've managed to be more productive than me!

Talking of being behind on stuff, today I have a UK indie nail polish month mani to show you! I know June has finished but I just had to much to show you so I'm continuing it into this month a little bit!

For this mani I used polishes and nail art from Mrs Cross Nail ShopEnigma Nails and Charlie's Nail Art.

These polishes are all so pretty! The index and pinkie fingers are painted with Enigma nails 'Passion pink', the ring finger is Mrs Cross Nail Shop 'Ethereal romantic' and the middle nail is MCNS 'Blossoming romantic' with 'Gilded romantic' over it.

I placed the nail art by CNA so that Snow White and found her prince but Cinderella was still looking for hers to show that just because you haven't yet found your true love, doesn't mean they aren't out there :)

Tara x


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