Thursday, 6 August 2015

LadyQueen nail art brush review - two manis!

Hi! I hope you're having a great week! Mine has been pretty busy but I've been fitting in some nail art so i have two manis to show you today!

The manis I have to show you today were done using some nail art brushes I was sent by LadyQueen. You can save 15% on all orders by using the code HSLC15 at the checkout.

These brushes are great! They're very fine so easy to work with and they stay nice and pliable too. a lot of my other brushes go stiff after one use and won't become soft again so these ones were great! Before I used them, they were quite stiff but I soaked a cotton pad in acetone and wiped over the bristles before I used them and they become really soft and flexible and stayed that way no matter how many times I used them.

The first mani I did, I used a nice polish as a base and then used the brushes and orange, red and purple acrylic paints to create a 'love' theme.

I don't usually do writing with acrylic paints and brushes but this (while not perfect) was easy to do.

I know the design isn't perfect but for my first practise with these brushes I love it!

For my second mani I used a yellow polish as the base and black, purple, red and orange acrylic paints.

I didn't really have a design in mind when I did this, I just wanted to create straight, diagonal and curved lines as well as squares, triangles and sots to see what the brushes could do.

It took me a few goes to work out how much paint I could pick up on the brush to work with and how much pressure I could use but they were easy to work with.

Between each colour I cleaned the brushes and was surprised how quickly they cleaned and dried and were ready to use again. I was also surprised I didn't have to prep with acetone each time!

Here is my finished design top coated.

You can order your brushes at using the code HSLC15 to save 15% on your entire order. 

Tara x


  1. Nice review. Brushes are looking awesome. <3

  2. The color combination are so pretty. I love all your designs!


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