Saturday, 19 December 2015

More Christmas manis!

Morning! Less than a week until Christmas so I thought I'd show you some of the Christmas manis I've done recently!

The first mani I did was a very simple Christmas red polish. This is 'The rubinator' by Nella Milano. isn't it beautiful! This shows two coats with one coat of topcoat and no flash.

This is with flash! It's so bright and glossy, it also dries quickly so I definitely recommend it, it's a Christmas basic!

The next mani I did is a lot little more 'Christmas flashy'! To do this I used TarasTalons polish in white, models own polish in red glitter, a dotting tool, a paper strengthening sticker, some star stickers, a 3D candy cane lolly and two Fimo snowflakes!

I used the white polish as a base for all my nails then I used the following things on the following nails;

Pinkie finger - I used one of those circle stickers you use to strengthen the paper when it's hole punched and placed it over the bottom half of the nail. I then painted on two coats of models own red glitter. This nail represents Santa's hat!

Ring finger - I used a dotting tool and the red glitter polish to dot on a pattern to represent a candy cane.

Middle finger - I used green glittery star stickers and a gold glittery star sticker to creat e a pattern to represent a Christmas tree.

Index finger - I used a candy cane pattern 3D lolly and Fimo snowflakes to represent two of my favourite things about Christmas, sweets and cold weather!

My third (and last) Christmas mani is back to basics with two coats of Barry M 'Bright red' and one coat of NYC 'Golden maiden'.

Happy Christmas week! I'm too excited for this.

Tara x

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