Wednesday, 13 July 2016

To be a writer, you have to write


Quick confession, I've wanted to be a writer for years but I've never read a book about how to write a book... However, I have read some blog posts and articles by authors and some interviews with authors about their books and writing process and while they all seem to have different advice, the one thing they seem to agree on is that to be a writer you have to write. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad, long or short, as long as you write every day, you're a writer. So, for a few months I've been following that advice. Some days I've deleted everything I wrote the previous day because I didn't think it was good but that didn't matter because I had written something. 

To help me write every day, I've been using some books my mum bought me. They are the 'Things to write about books'.

These books give you a sentence, the first line of a story or a prompt to inspire you and you write a short story, a long story, a novel... whatever you want! You can write the truth or fiction, sci-fi or horror, 25 words or 25,000 words. It's very easy to tailor it to what genre you want to write about and how much time you have.

So, on the days when I don't want to work on the books I'm writing or I'm working on editing rather than writing, I just use these books as a prompt to write something else. I'll start sharing some of the things I write using these books with you as well.

Tara x

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